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CRUISE – the primary link to information on flood-related research across Europe

Link to CRUISE database

Flood Risk Management (FRM) is an international issue yet historically it has not been possible to establish a common tool for exchanging relevant research programme information between European nations. The ERA-NET CRUE partners have addressed this problem with the development of a powerful new information resource called CRUISE.

CRUISE (CRUe Information System Europe) provides a starting point for users interested in finding out more about European research in FRM, both at the research programme level and ultimately the individual project level. CRUISE is intended to be useful to a broad range of users such as policy makers, FRM funding bodies, the research community, FRM practitioners and the general public.

CRUISE aims to enable the browsing and collection of flood related information on four different levels across Europe: FRM research programmes, FRM research projects, FRM funding bodies and FRM research units. The “Analysing” function will provide the opportunity to summarise key data on selected research programme items, for example programme budget, research needs, or funding body characteristics.

At present CRUISE provides information at the research programme level and it is anticipated that access to information about FRM research projects will be provided by summer 2008. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information provided within CRUISE is up to date and comprehensive, it is not intended to be exhaustive.

Access to CRUISE is free of charge for users and registration is not required.

Contact information for CRUISE:
Andrea Moser -