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2nd ERA-Net CRUE Funding Initiative: 'Flood resilient communities - managing the consequences of flooding'

Closing Date: 15/10/2008

List of selected projects

Project Title Coordinator
Understanding Uncertainty and Risk in communicating about floods [UR-Flood]
  1. UR-FLOOD factsheet
  2. UR-Flood final report
  3. UR-FLOOD poster
  4. UR-FLOOD presentation
Macaulay Land Use Research Institute

Project Website:
Sustainable Strategies of Urban Flood Risk Management with non-structural Measures to cope with the Residual Risk [SUFRI]
  1. SUFRI approach for crisis management planning
  2. SUFRI compilation of advanced warning systems
  3. SUFRI factsheet
  4. SUFRI final report
  5. SUFRI final report appendix
  6. SUFRI poster
  7. SUFRI presentation
  8. SUFRI SUFRI methodology for pluvial and river flooding risk assessment in urban areas to inform decision-making
Graz University of Technology

Project Website:
Decentralised Integrated ANalysis and Enhancement of Awareness through Collaborative Modelling and Management of Flood Risk [DIANE-CM]
  1. DIANE-CM factsheet
  2. DIANE-CM final report
  3. DIANE-CM poster
  4. DIANE-CM presentation
Leuphana University of Lueneburg

Project Website:
Flood REsilience Enhancement and MANagement: a pilot study in Flanders, Germany and Italy [FREEMAN]
  1. FREEMAN factsheet
  2. FREEMAN final report
  3. FREEMAN poster
  4. FREEMAN presentation

Project Website:
Flood Incident Management – A FRAMEwork for improvement [FIM FRAME]
  1. FIM FRAME factsheet
  2. FIM FRAME final report
  3. FIM FRAME final report annex A-D
  4. FIM FRAME poster
  5. FIM-FRAME presentation
HR Wallingford

Project Website:
Improving Flood Risk Maps as a Means to Foster Public Participation and Raising Flood Risk Awareness: Toward Flood Resilient Communities [RISKMAP]
  1. RISKMAP factsheet
  2. RISKMAP final report
  3. RISKMAP final report appendix
  4. RISKMAP poster
  5. RISKMAP presentation
Helmholtz - Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ

Project Website:
Integrative flood risk governance approach for improvement of risk awareness and increased public participation [IMRA]
  1. IMRA factsheet
  2. IMRA final report
  3. IMRA poster
  4. IMRA presentation
Technische Universität Dortmund

Project Website: